Espresso Events has been in business since 1997! We offer a variety of services, including espresso coffee, nitrogen ice cream, dragon breath, shaved ice carts, tea infusion stations, baristas, latte artists, and equipment rental.

We take great pride in our customer service and expertise in the industry! Please contact us today to treat your guests to something special!

We also offer specialty catering services for events, conferences, and exhibits.



We use our unique liquid nitrogen process to create cool beverages & desserts: ice cream, sorbet, yogurt, gelato, smoothies, milk shakes, and more!


Our espresso stations are perfect for just about any event. You say the place, and we’ll bring the goods and workers.

Frozen Dragon's
Breath Popcorn

Try our frozen dragon’s breath popcorn. It’s guaranteed to give you energy that will last for a while!

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