Coffee and Nitrogen Bar

Mobile Coffee Baristas for Events & Liquid Nitrogen Catering Carts.

Bring in the personal touch of an espresso or nitrogen bar to your next event.
Espresso Events, a unique service company, we offer your guests the pleasure of having cappuccinos, lattes and other gourmet coffee shop favorites, made exactly to their own taste. Our professional, courteous baristas and elegant set up treat your guests to the individualized personal service of their own espresso bar. Nationwide service, with regional service centers in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C. since 1997.

Our mobile gourmet bars are fully equipped
with your choice of elegant bar, cart or modular cafe set up, equipment, purified
brewing water, dairy, all gourmet supplies and a trained professional coffee shop barista.

The Menu below is just a small example
of what our baristas can create for you.

A custom menu can be created to fit the tastes of your guests or theme of your event.

Espresso + Foam

A cross between Cappuccino and Café

Hand Shaken Iced Lattes

Your Favorite Syrup + Steamed Milk,
Hot Chocolate

French Syrups – Assorted Flavors,
Organic Rock Sugar,
Swizzle Sticks, Shaved Belgian Chocolate

Regular and Decaffeinated

Espresso + Steamed Milk + Foamed Milk

Café Latte
Espresso + Steamed Milk

Chai Latte
Black Tea + Spices + Steamed Milk

Café Mocha
Espresso + Steamed Milk
+ Chocolate Sauce
+ Whipped Cream