Liquid Nitrogen Frozen Dessert &
Frozen Drink Bars

At Espresso Events, we provide the total mobile gourmet coffee shop. 
Experience to your event, conference, trade show, social affair or wedding.
Our Frozen infusion mixing systems feature:
Ice Cream, Gelato,  Sorbets, Smoothies,
Frozen Cappuccinos,  and much more.
Our bars come with custom lighting and color graphics
options that can blend in with any theme or decor.

Tea & Herbal Infusion Bars

Tea & Tisane Infusion Bar

Herbal Blending Station.
Freshly milled loose teas and tisanes infused with mint leafs, Herbs, and spices brewed on request to sooth and refresh.
There are thousands of varieties of teas here are our suggestions:

(aka Redbush) Tea

A mild, (caffeine-free) tea from South Africa quite often used by people wanting an alternative to espresso to make lattes and cappuccinos.


Black Assam Tea to be served black or with steamed milk as a latte.

Organic Fruit Tisanes

Whole fruit sun dried and brewed to sweet perfection

Infusion Blending Options

Mint leaves, ginger, lemon, honey, cardamom, agave, nectar, sugar, sweeteners.