Everything is self-contained within our specialty carts and set ups for any of our services (coffee / tea /nitrogen ice cream, shaved ice, etc.

All we need from you is access to standard 110 electrical outlets on separate dedicated circuits . Once the cart is setup, we need a 7 foot by 4 and a half foot floor space in order to operate. The espresso cart is 4 feet in length prior to being setup and can easily fit in an elevator!

Our team will always dress professionally in black pants, black shoes and Charcoal Colored Service Shirt with black Apron  for espresso and nitrogen catering events unless otherwise requested.


We are happy to upgrade your cup size to 12oz for a nominal charge.


  • Single espresso bar: one 110 volt 20a dedicated separate circuit
  • Double espresso bar: two 20a outlets, on separate circuits


We currently serve the greater
  • All of Florida and the Southeast U.S. from our Orlando location.
  • Southwest U.S.
    From our Las Vegas Location.
  • Northeast U.S.
    From Washington DC Location.

We do have a travel fee for any events outside of our delivery radius. Feel free to request a quote for specific pricing for your event !.

Our skilled baristas can make up to 100 8oz servings in an hour per barista, which is the service capacity for the espresso machine. If you have a large event, we can provide multiple espresso carts and baristas to accommodate your group. We currently have 23 carts available to be utilized in a single event; allowing us to serve around 2,000 servings per hour! We love serving all groups, big or small.

If the cup size is larger than 8oz, the number of servings per hour varies (ex: 75 drinks is our capacity per hour  per barista with 12oz cups!)

All Kind weddings, banquets, conferences, conventions

Our bar takes up a pretty small footprint. Indoors, we ask for about a 5’x7’ foot print for our bar and other equipment storage while we are serving. Outside is a little different.